Outsmarted 2 - It's on it's way!!

Outsmarted 2 - It's on it's way!!

For the past six months we've secretly been working on Outsmarted version 2 with our new team!!

In August 2022 we will release a free update to the Outsmarted app which brings with it an exciting new logo, a slick new user interface, much more reliable connectivity and loads of gameplay improvements.

We don't want to spoil the surprise but here's just a three of the new features / improvements you can expect: 

1. The grand opening of the in-app question store with a slick new interface and dozens of new question categories to choose from

2. Your game is downloaded to the host before you start play. This ensures even at peak times like Christmas Day when our game servers are at full capacity or when your internet connection isn't optimal that your game will run lightning fast and with 100% reliability.  

3. Improved remote-play. Remote players will have a new view that's specifically for remote-players and far superior connection reliability. 

We'll be releasing some screen shots of Outsmarted 2 in the near future... 

So, watch this space!

The Outsmarted Team

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